Day 8


DIRECTOR: Dusty Mitchell

PRODUCERS: Euseph Messiah, Tiffany FitzHenry, Susan Osborne, Dusty Mitchell, Roger Berard 

STARRING: Euseph Messiah, Tatiana Zappardino 

STORYLINE: After the return of a week long honeymoon vacation, we find newlyweds Teddy and Beth opening their wedding gifts. When Beth reveals how hopeful she is for a very specific gift, the two discover there is a lot more to be revealed about one another.

the boundaries

DIRECTOR: Dusty Mitchell

PRODUCERS: Euseph Messiah, Dusty Mitchell, Susan Osborne 

STARRING: Euseph Messiah, Ed Corbin, Aden Stay, Diesel Madkins, Jordan Scott 

STORYLINE: A crime boss and his crew must fix a mistake by one of their own team members. Things will never be the same though once secrets within the group begin to surface and true agendas are revealed.