Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

At LegacyReign Studios, we are dedicated to establish a community of prepared leaders through various forums such as conferences, workshops and assemblies. Our main focus will be creating on-going relationships to ensure continued support.

We have currently partnered with TeamMMOGM to provide an innovative way of creating a leadership mindset. The structure of this program will provide young leaders with relevant information needed to succeed, in hopes of generating a new wave of culture and tradition.

Led by young, thriving leaders in their respective field, LegacyReign Studios will present the “Make Moves or Get Moved” Youth Leadership Conference.

This formatted conference will consist of special presentations and energizing group sessions followed by one-on-one attention for detailed questions. With the rapidly growing environment of technology, sources of information and trending influences, our youth of today have a different perspective when it comes to many issues, such as decision making and goal setting. Our goal will be to provide young leaders with relevant information through authentic simulations as well as continued support after the conference.

We need to take ownership of our future as a generation. At the MMOGM Youth Conference, you’ll be encouraged, inspired and feel more confident to take action in your unique path through topics such as:

    • Entrepreneurship, character traits while owning a business
    • Next Step Preparation
    • Social Media
    • Accountability Partners
    • First Impressions
    • Meeting Etiquette
    • Finding Your Passion

To sustain the positive movement after the conference, the MMOGM Youth Leadership Conference team will provide relevant, trendy material to create a continuing relationship.  Young leaders will be provided access to weekly videos consisting of reminders, encouraging goals-of-the-week as well as follow-up tools to help carry on their positive mindset.

Stay tuned, dates and other details for the conference will be posted in the near future. Do you have a suggestion for a topic? Interested in knowing more or even want to show support/volunteer? Please contact us!