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Day 8


DIRECTOR: Dusty Mitchell

PRODUCERS: Euseph Messiah, Tiffany FitzHenry, Susan Osborne, Dusty Mitchell, Roger Berard 

STARRING: Euseph Messiah, Tatiana Zappardino 

STORYLINE: After the return of a week long honeymoon vacation, we find newlyweds Teddy and Beth opening their wedding gifts. When Beth reveals how hopeful she is for a very specific gift, the two discover there is a lot more to be revealed about one another.

The Boundaries

the boundaries

DIRECTOR: Dusty Mitchell

PRODUCERS: Euseph Messiah, Dusty Mitchell, Susan Osborne 

STARRING: Euseph Messiah, Ed Corbin, Aden Stay, Diesel Madkins, Jordan Scott 

STORYLINE: A crime boss and his crew must fix a mistake by one of their own team members. Things will never be the same though once secrets within the group begin to surface and true agendas are revealed.

Project Huddle Up, Part 1

project huddle up, part 1

LegacyReign Studios presents an unscripted table talk with 7 men who have been friends since college, while they get together for their annual men’s only retreat. 

Crazy Faith

crazy faith

  • Coffee and stories are meant to be shared. Check out this extended version of John and Josee Waller’s vision for Crazy Faith Coffee! 

SouthCrest Stories

Southcrest stories

Enjoy a collection from some of our notable stories with SouthCrest Church. 

Rich and Tiffany

Home For Christmas (Short)

Josh Depeasa

Coach Small

Keily Austin

Olivia Miller

Kelli Griffith

Addy Horton