Our Vision

Since day one, our plan of attack has always been about producing unique and professional work. Whether through our efforts with each project or our planned course towards PHASE 3, the detailed focus of our team is to create an empire of positive influence.

Euseph Messiah officially established LegacyReign Studios in June, 2015. Euseph, a professional SAG actor in the Greater Atlanta Area, continues to thrive and grow with steady work in the industry. Having a dream to one day own a production company, with the intent of developing film and television projects for mainstream audiences, Euseph assured himself that he would pursue the task once he became a well known, established artist. However, knowing that the drive and love for the art would never subdue, he decided to recognize his passion and accept this journey with great commitment as well.


With our eyes on production, LegacyReign Studios is striving to create and provide an environment that draws the brightest talent in the industry. We intend to develop and produce feature films as well as related media with the highest quality. Over time, we’ll use the power of this business to promote discussion, encourage conversation and hopefully tell stories that will inspire as well as challenge many in a positive way.


Through workshops and events, we intend to generate a culture of strong leaders from all backgrounds for many years to come. Looking forward, there are many ways to achieve this so we envision the possibility of partnering with influential organizations with the same goals. From young teens into adulthood, we want to teach the vision and relevant methods to be successful leaders.